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What should you do after purchasing Norton Retail card or any Norton product?

You can also use the same Norton product or retail card for more than one Computer, Mac. It can also be used for mobile phone. If purchased for more than one device. You can easily install the Norton product or retail card and activate them by redeeming the product key for retail card or Norton product on any of your up to date devices, if they are compatible with Norton products.

There are many retail outlets, Norton has tie up with. You can get Norton retail card from there that will allow you to setup Norton and you can install your Norton product from web rather than old fashioned CD set up. This will automatically check the compatibility with your device of the Norton product.

Facing problems in installing Norton is quite normal, as your computer might have viruses, infections in it or it might have any other security software install in it. We need to make the clean installation of Norton setup and that’s why we are here for.

If you face any problem for www.norton.com/setup all you need to do is call us at +1-844-411-9911 and watch us fixing it for you. Even if you are not able to find any details regarding your Norton products or retail card, and tired of trying it by your own, let us drive you to the solution. As they say if there is problem Norton have always have a solution.

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Follow the Procedure given below:-

If purchased from retail store, follow the procedure give: –

  • Look at your retail card.
  • Flip Your Retail card and Scratch it.
  • Your 25 Digit Alpha-Numeric Product Key will be there for you.
  • The key can be redeemed against your Norton product for Norton setup.
  • Just open norton.com setup to redeem your product key.
  • Call +1-844-411-9911 for further assistance

If purchased from online, follow the procedure give: –

  • Just sign up by clicking on Norton Setup.
  • You will get an e-mail from Norton, with a link in it.
  • Click the link and Norton setup will start running.
  • Select all positive answers are you are good to go.
  • Call +1-844-411-9911 for further assistance