The Right Way To Install Norton Antivirus !

By May 10, 2017Blog

Norton Antivirus is one of the best antivirus that can keep your computer from getting damaged. Pop-ups ads, downloads from wrong websites and several links can bring viruses in the computer which will further damage your system. You will experience a slow computer that keeps on hanging all the time. If you haven’t come around yet to install Norton Antivirus, then you must do it now! The antivirus offers several features like quick scan, protecting links from opening which are harmful, pop-ups ads with virus in it will be blocked and you can clean your computer from time to time too.

Here are some tips on Norton Antivirus setup : –

1. The first step is to buy Norton Antivirus from their official website. You will be charged either a yearly fee or you can buy the 3 years plan that will keep your laptop safe for a longer time. Once you have purchased it, you will get a set-up box.

2. Install the antivirus and then wait for the steps to open. You will be asked to Enter Norton product key which is provided to you either in your email receipt or on the site when you buy the software. This key will authorize you to go ahead and use the entire version of the antivirus, not just the trial one.

3. After the product key, you are good to go and you can run a quick scan right after it has installed. This will remove any cookies, cache files and links that are unwanted in your browser data plus laptop. You will also get notified on any downloaded files that might have viruses.

Why pick Norton ?

The company offers excellent antivirus software at a minimal price. You can use it to secure your laptop or computer from crashing. We often open a ton of links in a day and many of them can be harmful to our machine. By installing an antivirus software like Norton, you will increase the life of your device and save it from constant repairing. It will run faster and never hang!

Get the best antivirus for your computer today.

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